LAPALMA has championed traditional wood and metalworking methods for thirty years, to produce chairs, lounge chairs, stools and tables. Products are suited to the contract market, but can also cross over into other areas such as the home, outdoor and light office segments. wood, steel, plywood panels and fabrics are worked by designers of international renown, such as Anderssen & Voll, Enzo Berti, Fabio Bortolani, Francesco Rota, Hee Welling, Karri Monni, Leonardo Rossano, Mario Ruiz, Ostwald +Nolting, Patrick Norguet, Romano Marcato, Shin Azumi, Takashi Shinozaki, Tomoko Azumi. They select only FSC-certified timber from sustainable sources and 100% recyclable raw materials.

In our store are just some of the Lapalma products exhibited  but we can supply all the products contained in the catalog.


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