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OFFICINANOVE is an independent design brand focused on home contract furnishing and objects. Its story began in 2009 in a steel factory, a sub supplier of Piaggio, which is the world famous manufacturer of Vespa motorcycles.
It designs lights, accessories and objects that combine your need for efficiency, emotion and functionality, mixing the craftsmanship and the modernity of industrial production.
The art direction leads a team of established designers and emerging new signatures: Paolo Ulian, Brian Sironi, Giulio Iacchetti, Marco Ferreri, Antonio Norero, Studio Lievito, Carlo Bargagna, Francesco Faccin, Uto Balmoral, Marco Guazzini e Tsukasa Goto, Bedini Raco Settimelli e Filippo Franchi. Different backgrounds, talents and skills are reunited for an exclusive strive for excellence and creativity.

In our store are just some of the Officinanove products exhibited  but we can supply all the products contained in the catalog.

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