Vitrum system

Vitrum system
  • Vitrum system
  • Vitrum system
  • Vitrum system
  • Vitrum system
  • Vitrum system
  • Vitrum system

Vitrum system

Vitrum - home automation system for the control of lights and electronic equipment.

Vitrum brings innovation to your home with sophisticated design and latest technology.
Users can now control not only lights, but also other electronic home appliances with our intuitive iPad application, downloadable for free.


With its hi-tech wireless heart, Vitrum heralds a new era in intelligent home automation systems.

Think Simple

Think of three simple and harmonious things:
a circle of light, a glass surface, your hand.
Now, put them together.

A circle and a block: two simple and regular shapes.

A smooth surface, with elegant and personal lines.
A bright, concave spot, which naturally catches your eye and attracts your hand.
That’s how Vitrum turns routine into magic. 

Surround Youself with design

The only sculpted glass in the world.
A revolutionary concept and incredible details.
Vitrum turns routine into a new experience in style.


Different shapes coexist on a homogeneous surface and provide a high level sensory impact: no click, no movement. The absence of sharp edges makes the plate even more precious. The use of chrome plating integrates the visual and physical qualities of the glass to obtain a balanced and comprehensive unit.


Look. Touch. Listen.

The most advanced and intuitive experience.
Shape, light and sound merge into unparalleled ergonomics.
Vitrum involves sight, touch, and hearing.

Vitrum’s buttons are surrounded by a circle of light that makes it easy to find in the dark, while its inviting concave buttons lead your fingers to the controls on the plate.
Every time your fingers touch the button, a sound informs the user about the status of the system and the outcome of the command.

Products available:

One to four buttons for all lighting functions: on, off, dimming, scenarios. Three modules EU standard configurations, with up to six buttons, are also available on a wider plate. 


Vitrum makes home automation easy and beautiful. Beyond rollers and scenarios, Vitrum offers temperature control for room climate adjustment, and a Master-On/Off switch to rapidly turn the system on and off with one single touch. 


Purity becomes control.


Glass combines transparency, harmony, brilliance
and luminosity. These concepts are the base for the Vitrum concept and in glass it finds its primordial expression.
The result is unique in the world.

Vitrum is available in all the RAL colour.
If you want to customize Vitrum with the RAL colour of your choice or with a silkscreen, visit or point your smartphone on the QR-Code below to access the online configurator.


Technology meets art.
Stone is one of the most precious and varied gifts of nature. Unpredictable in appearance, unique in its details.
Vitrum Stone Collection is the first and exclusive touch plate suited to the most exclusive environments.

The wireless heart of Vitrum gives the stones a new life. The rock gets honed and completely deprived of imperfections and sharp edges to make it more harmonious. A laser-engraved ring, instead of a circle of light, is set into the stone to make it easy to identify the command spot. Discover Vitrum Stone Collection: the most advanced stage of Vitrum’s obsession for details.

Modern design, advanced feeling.
Vitrum Tech is the new collection made with rugged synthetic materials.
Its shapes are discrete but full of personality: the perfect accent for modern and creative environments.

The new Vitrum Tech Collection is the most essential synthesis of shape and matter. A whole lot of Vitrum technology condensed in one smooth, nice to touch object.

Two available colours, White Tech and Black Tech, making the perfect match for the most innovative and minimalistic design trends.



Dedicated to children.


Vitrumino is the magic switch. The only product in the world that embodies both a dimmer switch and a night light. Available with six fun characters, to brighten children’s nights. Easy to install and fun to use: when you turn off the light, the nose glows with different colours.
Vitrum Socket is the smart hidden socket that hides the plug behind a sliding door.
It installs on most popular European standard 3 and 4 module flush mounting boxes, enhancing the style and safety of your home.
Vitrum Frame is the complement of the Vitrum system to harmonize the aesthetics of all lighting, even if the traditional type.
It installs on most common switch boxes (BTicino Axolute and Light International – Vimar Plana, Eikon and Idea) simply replacing the external plate.




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